Human resource is the core resource of Yuanbang real estate, human resources strategy is the core strategy of state enterprises。 Development depends on Yuanbang real estate development in the enterprise strategic decision, strategic decision of enterprises development goals and action plans based on the state of, and ultimately decisive ownership and usage effect or a state property of qualified talents。 Management personnel and professional and technical personnel and efficient use of and Yuanbang development strategy to adapt to, maximize and tap their talent and potential, the implementation of Yuanbang real estate enterprises can promote the strategy, promote the rapid development of foreign real estate。

Human resources strategy as one of the most important functional strategy dominated by Yuanbang company strategy, and a reaction to the corporate strategy。 Human resources strategic planning goals Yuanbang property are as follows:

1, according to the strategic goal of Yuanbang real estate, determine a state human resource strategy。

2, in-depth analysis of the human resources of Yuanbang real estate facing internal and external environment, find problems and potential risks, and put forward the corresponding measures。

3, a reasonable forecast of Yuanbang real estate long-term human resource demand and supply, planning and control of business human resource development scale。

4, planning core personnel occupation career development, creating the enterprise core competitive advantage。

5, planning core / professional / technical field staff development, improve the comprehensive quality of staff。

6, put forward suggestions for the improvement of human resource management policy and system, improve the overall management level。

7, in the premise of clear employee value orientation, strategic choice factors, use the strategic resource analysis tool to generate a plurality of strategy, combined with the allocation of resources and ultimately the formation of "Yuanbang real estate strategic human resources map", with the strategic vision to help enterprises to strategic human resources management from the affairs of human resources of enterprises at the same time, through human resource management for and maintain a competitive advantage to provide development ideas, to promote comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development of enterprises。