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Yuanbang moon, gold coast project department for the Lushan disaster positive contributions
Source:    Publish Time:2014-09-11

Table love, make a donation, a party in trouble, help comes from all quarters。 Eight two on April 20th, a magnitude 7 earthquake, once again torn China earth, in a magnitude 7 earthquake occurred in Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, beautiful, causing heavy casualties and property losses, need the social from all walks of life love rescue。

Face come unexpectedly in the Ya'an Lushan earthquake disaster in the face of disaster, the helpless old people, children, the innocent victims of the pain, what should we do? Although, we temporarily can not visit the scene to help those suffering people, but we can lend a helping hand, donated money, love, send them to the warm, send to hope, let the trickle into the ocean of love, help Lushan lovely children and their dear people as soon as possible to be snatched from the jaws of death, let the beautiful their homes soon revitalized。

Lushan your difficulty, is our responsibility, April 25th, Yuanbang moon, gold coast project department actively respond to the chairman and group Party advocates, develop Yuanbang people poor, be happy in doing good to the fine tradition and style, loosen one's purse strings generously, donation, be one's unshirkable responsibility。 In a state of real estate vice president and moon Gold Coast Project Manager Zhang Dejun leadership, all staff of project department poured jump for collecting donations, whether it is ten yuan or $100 thousand yuan, do a meager strength, expresses his love for the people in the disaster areas, Lushan earthquake relief, reconstruction aid a helping hand home garden。

Love, good deeds。 We pray for the people in the disaster areas as soon as possible to defeat the Lushan earthquake the difficulties caused by the disaster, reconstruction of the beautiful homeland。