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Live Jianbu collect research results: the property market regulation will not stimulate not suppress
Source:    Publish Time:2014-07-11

Abstract: the Department of housing market regulation "not collect researchresults, not to suppress the" stimulus "respect the laws of the market" will become the next stage of the basic policy caliber, the local government to develop targeted policy power will also be respected

After one week before and after the main city investigation, Ministry of housing and urban rural development (hereinafter referred to as the "Ministry of construction") has already begun to collect related information, to form relevant investigation reports, and at the appropriate time to the State Council in charge of the leadership. This will be the key to the future for a period of time the real estate regulation policies lies. In:

According to the survey collected, live Jianbu will also be submitted to the State Council in charge of the leadership suggested the next phase of the real estatepolicy related. If no accident, "no pressure, no stimulation" "respect the laws of the market of the real estate market regulation" and "strengthen marketmonitoring, prepare project", will become the basic diameter policy the next phase of the real estate market. In:

At the same time, place to develop targeted policy power according to its own situation will also be respected. In contrast, most of the local government for the"sensitive" be restricted to buy policy issues, are more likely to adopt the"bypass" attitude, "challenge" of the purchase limit policy adjustment, will exit the stage in the next period of time of the central. In:

In summary: fruit to report

In accordance with the established schedule, live Jianbu the summary of workcompleted research material, the vice premier of the State Council in charge ofthe report. In:

"As far as I know, there are now part of summary relevant research, forming a complete set of materials, report to the State Council in charge of the leadership." Early in the morning of May 29th, a source close to live Jianbu to"Chinese business newspaper" reporter said, related reporting work will be performed at the appropriate time. In:

Recently, live Jianbu sent several research groups, to the Nanjing Delta,Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta city of research thoroughly, related to the local real estate market, the policy. In 2014 to mid May, the survey work has beenfinished, the aggregation stage turned into investigation material.