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Yuanbang, outstanding project of new employee handbook officially enforced
Source:    Publish Time:2014-07-11

Yuanbang, outstanding project Department of the first edition in 2014 April 10employee handbook on the staff of the General Assembly adopted andimplemented formally. The new employee handbook is the version before thecover more beautiful, richer, more clear terms.

Based on comprehensive widely solicited in half a month of time, with reference to the relevant laws and regulations of the adjustment, according to the 2013version of the system of new employee handbook, after a week of publicity anddemocratic procedures, in April 10th by the project general manager Qiu Lichaired the staff of the general assembly, will be unanimously by the all newemployee handbook.

An enterprise wants to healthy development, the rules and regulations of the enterprise is the most important, as the saying goes, "no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan". This employee handbook is a basic code of conduct staff of project department, is according to the laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation of the project department operation, with the employee congress equal consultation, which clearly listed company policy, welfare and the personnel management system, which is the basic way to Achieve Inc and staff to start a good cooperation. The employee handbook is part of intangible assets, is animportant part of corporate culture, is to establish the state image, the close relationship between the company and society, employees, improve the overall quality of staff, an important means to solve the company's sustainable development strategy, is a kind of cultural soft power.

Integrated ministry will actively organize the staff to seriously study and training,so that the majority of employees are familiar with the company's corporate culture, rules and regulations, clear during code of conduct, enjoy the rights,responsibilities and obligations, consciously abide by the company code of conduct requirements, conscientiously perform their duties, and jointly create a warm, comfortable working and living environment, to build a state happy home.