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YuanBang•Lv Hu Hao Ting

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YuanBang•Lv Hu Hao Ting, covering about 300 acres, with a total construction area of about 470,000 square meters, green rate 37%, the volume ratio 1.7, the total number of about 2300, built by Green Lake overseas listed companies holding huge amounts of money. The project is located in Nanchang Hongjiaozhou abundance South Avenue and Academy Boulevard junction, ranking Nanchang planning CLD core, located in the heart of Nanchang between the government and the Jiangxi Provincial Government and strategic location, convenient transportation from the airport 30 minute drive from the train station 15 minutes' drive from the West Railway Station is only 5 minutes away by car. Nearby Nanchang Bridge, Hongjiaozhou University City, "Star of Nanchang" Ferris wheel, Gan River Xintiandi, Nanchang International Exhibition Center and other landmarks, back on Wolong Mountain, overlooking the Gan River, becoming Nanchang "Bund" residential, shopping, Commerce, hotels and other functions in one large complex real estate projects, cast Nanchang international quality of life model.