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Shandong in 2014 outstanding model room furniture tendering information announcement

Due to business needs, according to the Guangdong foreign real estate development Co。, the relevant provisions of the company, this paper [601]Shandong outstanding project, 602 of the housing model furniture for open tender, is now announced as follows:

A, project name and address: Rushan city Guangzhou road at the junction ofWeihai City, Shandong Province Economic Development Zone and Zhanjiang road。

Two, the bidding content: make / model room furniture customization / Procurement

Three, the bidding conditions

1 the company set up more than 3 years, has more than 3 Pearl River Delta havea certain scale of large real estate companies to provide the service, had helped design / large projects layout model room furniture;

2 the production of furniture should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the state, to obtain the relevant quality guarantee, can offer material model;

3 to the Shandong project delivery service, after sale service (including furnitureinstallation, maintenance and so on);

4 furniture warranty time for two years;

5 to provide for our most favorable terms of payment;

Other related conditions and 6 approved bidding proposal。

Three, the selection requirements

1 date: February 25, 2014。

2 Location: Guangzhou city Huangshi road at state building, 806 administrative department。

The 3 requirement: meet the above conditions, according to the time period forthe official seal of the company introduction, company qualification certificate,production license, the test report and related quotation data to the Division I,Division I by the internal screening will be notified in accordance with the requirements of the company for the bid evaluation activities。 The tender conditions, rules and the relevant requirements and other matters, will give a reply at the time of registration。

Four, contact

Tel: 020 - 36366666

Fax: 020 - 26271666

Contact: Miss Tang

Welcome to eligible companies to sign up, participate in the qualificationevaluation。 The internal staff if the relevant customer resources, please informthe come to participate in the tender evaluation。

Guangdong foreign real estate development Co。, Ltd。

Two, one four February 20th