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Development concept


One, mind identity (MI)

Core philosophy: a) six interest

• ensure national interests is compulsory

• Surety Company interests is the purpose

• ensure employees' interests are the foundation

• ensure the interests of consumers is the prestige

• ensure partners benefit is win-win

• ensure that society is in the interests of the responsibility

• six consideration, prioritize, do not lose weight, and strive to balance, highlight the unity。

(two) the spirit of enterprise: heavy heavy letter Chuangjia innovation

• heavy: people-oriented, explore the talent resources, pay attention to personnelcharacter, operation personnel expertise。

• heavy letter: heavy credit, defends the credit, confidence, firm faith, to win credibility of the market。

• Chuangjia: the pursuit of excellence, build first-class brand; enhance the image,to fulfill their social obligations。

• Innovation: renewing the ideas, to update the ideas, update, updatemanagement。

(three) the spirit of the brand: advocate civilized life

Two, action recognition (BI)

(a) to establish the idea of rule by virtue of civilization system。

To praise and give counsel for the development of the company management,due diligence in the work of the staff, motivate staff to set up the lofty spirit of dedication, give full play to the subjective initiative。 At the same time, through the implementation of a January staff birthday celebration, staff and staff support,money issued, difficult employee relatives funeral comfort and a series of thesystem, create a warm family atmosphere, enhance the company cohesion。

(two) to establish the system of institutional culture of rule of law as the。

Modern enterprise system by implementing a series of scientific, standardizeddepartment and employee behavior, advocate and encourage the spirit of independent innovation, to ensure the smooth implementation of the development plans of the company