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Interpretation signs:

Signs in the deep cultural connotation as the creation foundation, with the group to enter the international market background "the more national, the more international"!

firstly, "Yuan" for all things first, meaning the first, take the "Yuan" prefix letter "Y" for the creation of the prototype, through art, with the moon, mountains and water in artistic conception。 With the above and to the left of the red sun shine。 Green on behalf of the earth, "Circular" means people united and prosperous, "state" for the group, green shows vigorous, ecological balance。 The core part of the whole modeling means a state with the sun and the moon together, draw the essence of heaven and earth, as the ecological balance, take place, to create a grand Albert unity, to achieve the first group goals。

secondly, the outer decoration and overall core part of other complementary! The first ring of decorative patterns from the Qing Dynasty bullions auspicious case extraction extraction!

Gold in the China tradition, to "rich" symbol are widely used for decoration。 With gold as decoration, means a state estate converged the wealth, wealth。 Auspicious clouds auspicious decorative patterns from the second laps in the age of uranium extraction! Auspicious clouds is an important decorative pattern on the image China。 Cloud created emerge in an endless stream。 Not only rich vivid image, and has the unique artistic conception beauty, like the song melodious become an immortal, magical atmosphere。 Means a state group。 A riot of colours, float upon the clouds! Third rings of decorative patterns from Yuan and Ming era of auspicious pattern extraction extraction! Important decorative pattern on the image you Chinese。 Take your name, said Good luck and happiness to you! happiness comes, is auspicious objects。 The ancient palace of the temple were placed with Ruyi, means to everything, everything!

thirdly, foreign real estate enterprises in the name English mutual echo, Edward site。

Fourthly, the whole shape gorgeous elegant, it has rank, distinct, rich effects, like a stick of precious gold, such as refined badge, more like the authority of the seal!