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    2014.102013 Chinese good houseXinhuanet.com
    2014.07The 2013 annual green estateReal estate development
    2014.072013 annual Guangzhou VillaNew Express
    2013.112013 Annual Bungalow impact GuangzhouExpress
    2013.112013 Annual Green real estateReal Estate GUIDE
    2013.102013 Guangzhou Gold UnitSouthern Metropolis Daily
    2013.092013 China good houseXinhua
    2012.092012 Guangzhou Ten livable estateGuangzhou Real Estate Association
    2012.092012 Guangzhou Real Estate Sunshine EnterprisesGuangzhou Real Estate Association
    2012.092012 Guangzhou Ten high-end communityGuangzhou Real Estate Association
    2012.072012 fifty-one Guangzhou Gold UnitSouthern Metropolis Daily
    2011.07Affect real estate brand in Guangzhou in 2010 -2010 annual list of the most investment value of real estateExpress Agency
    2011.072011 Guangzhou landmark building livableGuangzhou Real Estate Association
    2011.07Green Award 2011 China Urban Sustainable DevelopmentFuture Professional Media Alliance Global Forum organizing committee sustainable cities
    2011.072011 Guangzhou Gold medal apartment units recommended elevenSouthern Metropolis Daily
    2011.072011 Real Estate Network Festival annual benchmark for real estateBlue Housing Network
    2011.062011 Award for Outstanding Contribution Huadu charitable collectiveHuadu District People's Government
    2011.062011 Guangzhou eleven gold apartment layoutSouthern Metropolis Daily
    2011.062011 the best green ecological livable community green contribution award
    2011.062011 of the real estate network Festival annual benchmarking projectsThe blue room network
    2011.06The Pearl River Delta is the most beautiful ecological villaReference News
    2010.12Famous Love Charity UnitGuangdong Province Community Arts Association, a charitable organization committee Famous Prozac list, funding for poor children to see the Asian family Thanksgiving, the Red Cross China Mother Love Alliance
    2010.09Guangzhou City Construction outstanding contribution to enterpriseGuangzhou Real Estate Association
    2010.072010 Guangzhou City Construction landmark building HabitatGuangzhou Real Estate Association
    2010.072010 Chinese mainstream real estate GTAReal Estate GUIDE
    2010.072010 China Jinzhu harmony Habitat AwardReal Estate GUIDE
    2010.072010 Guangzhou medals 10 gold medals apartment units CommendSouthern Metropolitan Daily
    2010.072010 benchmark for quality real estate property in SouthOcean Real Estate
    2010.01China (South) real estate unit of carbon Union LeagueSina Locke, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Association, Guangdong Province Social Sciences
    2009.10Green Lake Howard town 2008 - 2009 annual Jiangxi real estate is the most influential eventThe new Jiangxi real estate trends Summit
    2009.07Chinese mainstream real estate Jinzhu Award - the year's most appreciation potential real estate
    2009.07Ten housing quality real estateYangcheng Evening News
    2009.072009 Chinese mainstream real estate GTAChinese mainstream real estate GTA, Golden Award for building expert committee
    2009.062009 the best landscape ecological villaNanfang Daily
    2009.04The 2008 annual Nanchang city commercial housing sales amount before the ten strong enterprisesNanchang City Real Estate Association
    2008.02In 2007 the national quality engineering silver cardNational Engineering Construction Quality Award examination committee
    2007.04Won the 2006 annual China Guangzhou the most competitive real estate enterprises 30Research on the development of productivity, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, enterprise evaluation association economist Entrepreneurs Association etc.
    2007.04Quality system certification, the issuance of UKAS licenseKam certification limited liability company
    2006.07Yuanbang Moon Garden in 2006 Guangzhou gold apartment layout large apartment layout above 144m2Southern Metropolis Daily
    2006.07The first China quality real estate leader quality brandChinese international brand association etc.
    2006.04Ten major achievements of Guangdong residential construction enterpriseGuangdong newspaper building
    2004.04Yuanbang Moon Garden in 2004 Guangzhou gold apartment layout large apartment layout above 144m2